OEM refers to OEM processing and ODM refers to customized processing. The former refers to the information provided by the customer, while the latter refers to the design provided by the manufacturer for the customer, and the latter has relatively high requirements

OEM production, also known as fixed-point production, commonly known as OEM (production), basically means that brand producers do not directly produce products, but use their own key core technologies to design and develop new products and control sales channels. OEM entrusts other manufacturers of similar products to produce specific processing tasks through contract ordering. Then buy out the ordered products at a low price and directly affix their own brand trademark. This cooperation mode of entrusting others to produce is called OEM for short. The manufacturer undertaking processing tasks is called OEM, and the products produced are called OEM products. It can be seen that fixed-point production belongs to the "OEM production" mode in processing trade, and it is a labor export with goods as the carrier in international trade.

ODM (original design manufacture). It can provide customers with all services from product R & D, design and manufacturing to later maintenance. Customers only need to put forward the function and performance of products to ODM service providers, and even provide product ideas. ODM service providers can turn products from ideas into reality. After some manufacturers design their products, they will be favored by other enterprises and require them to produce and sell with their own brand name, or make some small design changes to produce and sell with their own brand. The biggest advantage of this is that the latter reduces its own R & D time. It is customary to call the former the ODM of the latter.

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