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What is the PCBA contractor's material? How to know whether the PCB is broken

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The concept of PCBA OEM is relatively large. In the field of PCBA processing, PCBA outsourcing refers to the whole process services provided by suppliers from circuit board production, raw material procurement, patch processing, testing, dip plug-ins, assembly and so on, which can save customers time, cycle, inventory and other costs.

PCBA contracting labor and materials can reasonably and effectively save customers' time cost and labor cost, hand over the whole process control of production and manufacturing to professional suppliers, avoid bargaining and waste of time in the procurement of various electronic materials, and reasonably and effectively reduce inventory cost, material inspection time, personnel expenses, etc. the quotation of PCBA contracting labor and materials seems to be on the high side, PCB Factory, but in fact, PCBA factory can not only reduce the cost of enterprises, but also enable enterprises to focus on their specialty fields, such as design, R & D, market, after-sales service, etc.

A key process in PCBA labor and material contracting is to select excellent suppliers for PCBA processing. It is undeniable that there are some businesses in the market that obtain excess profits by sacrificing customer quality and stealing raw materials, but one hammer trading can not last long, Lepeng technology believes, This kind of practice is the bottom line that enterprises aiming to grow and develop in the manufacturing industry will never touch. Therefore, the most important thing to audit suppliers is to feel what they do with their heart. PCBA's attitude towards life and the perspective of solving problems for customers are better than equipment, factory scale, certificates, etc.

Digital product manufacturing SMT patch processing has developed for decades. The competition in the manufacturing industry has become saturated. The average profit margin of the manufacturing industry is low and stable. In the market, there are countless suppliers with no bottom line price, and these are often just for the purpose of sharing the cost or survival. Customers familiar with electronic production and manufacturing are very aware of the transparent quotation in the market, Even including components and parts, it is completely acceptable to contract labor and materials, and only need to provide reasonable profits to suppliers.

Printed circuit board (PCB circuit board B) may fail in many ways, resulting in partial or complete failure of electronic equipment. PCB is an actual non-conductive board on which circuits are laid and then stacked. PCBA is a PCB with all electronic components installed. If it is not handled properly, the PCB is easy to be damaged, because PCB is the foundation of electronic equipment, Therefore, it is important to know when it is broken and needs to be replaced.

1 if electronic components are installed, please test the PCB with the power on. The motherboard is an example of PCBA. If it is a motherboard, you will know that it is bad if there is no light or sound soon after power on. This test is applicable to any PCB with built-in functions similar to optical chip factory and sound test.

2 if any, please remove all power supplies from the PCB. If there are any electronic components, you can also remove them by clamping the connecting wires with a wire cutter and pulling them away from the PCB circuit board, and unplug anything that does not need to be cut.

3 look for scratches, burn marks or wrong solder. These are obvious signs that the board of directors is at least partially bad and needs professional work or replacement. Scratches will expose and damage the copper connection under the laminate. Additional solder will lead to short circuit, which is unnecessary connection and affect other connections. If there are any of these things, please do not continue the test, Doing so may cause injury.


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