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How does SMT intelligent first article tester of SMT chip factory circuit boards and components?

作者:唯思源日期:2021-12-09 15:03:53

  SMT's first article detector system (first article inspection) in the production workshop of SMT processing plant is mainly used to realize the first article inspection and refueling inspection of component resistance, capacitance and inductance on PCB circuit board. The first article inspection system is divided into BS and CS. The BS mainly includes system management, master data management, report and other modules. It is a web-based SMT first article management system designed for the roles of department heads and R & D personnel; The CS end mainly includes modules such as first article inspection and refueling inspection of SMT technology production line. It is a single-machine semi-automatic SMT first article inspection system specially provided for SMT technical testers.

  SMT first article tester can also detect the first PCB board of SMT technical equipment, such as solder paste board (printed solder paste re pasting component), adhesive board (double-sided adhesive re pasting component), red adhesive board (printed red adhesive re pasting component). The detection types cover data errors such as wrong BOM dosage, repeated position, missing XY coordinate definition, multi definition, multi pasting, missing parts, wrong parts, reverse Technical problems such as rollover and rotation also include the electrical performance of components such as electric bank, capacitor and inductor (usually incoming material error).

  SMT first article tester can also test SMT patch components. The first article tester is mainly divided into two parts:

1. For elements with silk screen printing, silk screen printing comparison can be carried out directly without SMT manual discrimination one by one, so as to realize the effect of batch rapid detection and improve work efficiency;

2. For the resistance capacitance without silk screen printing on PCB circuit board, the digital bridge is used for clamping detection, and the first piece machine automatically grabs the value, compares and judges it automatically. And the bridge of the first machine belongs to the custom bridge, which adds the function of testable led.

  SMT intelligent first article inspection equipment of SMT processing plant can also detect the following contents:

1. Solder paste board (printing solder paste re pasting element), adhesive board (double-sided adhesive re pasting element) and red adhesive board (printing red adhesive re pasting element) of SMT technical equipment.

2. The resistance and capacitance on PCB circuit board are measured through LCR bridge.

3. Electronic components IC and other silk screen elements on PCBA circuit board are detected by optical automatic comparison.


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