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Component control problems

作者:唯思源日期:2021-10-29 15:58:16

Product details:

Application: automobile and electronics products

Layer count:up to 12 layers

Base material: FR-4 mid TG, TG170/High TG

Surface Finish: HASL lead-free/immersion gold

Solder mask: green and as you requested

Copper Thickness: 0.5oz-6oz, 0.5oz-5oz

Board Thickness:0.2mm--3.2mm


1.high reliability

2. dissipate heat quickly

3. electromagnetic shielding

4. have excellent flame retardant

5. dimensional stability

Well’s advantages

1.Wells is a pcb manufacturing provider specializing in PCB sample producing and prototype to mass production.

2.We have the most advanced machine --FUJI NXT-III SMT machine line which is faster and higher paste accuracy.

3.Quality is always the top priority at Wells. We use ERP system and scannable codes system. Every board undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before it is delivered to customer.


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