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Our smt room is dust-free workshop

作者:唯思源日期:2021-10-27 17:16:15

We have two kinds of automatic board loader here, when we assemble the first side of PCB, we can use the vacuum loader, it sucks the PCB with a suction nozzle and put it on the track.  When we assemble the other side of PCB(one side has the components), we need to use this Automatic board loader. This combination is to improve efficiency.NXT-III capacity is double than YAMAHAFull-Automatic solder printing machine:

When the stencil is fixed here, it will print the solder paste by itself.

And we can also set the frequency of cleaning stencil as the complexity of the board.

For the solder paste, the brand we used is alpha and Tongfang which is famous in China.

You can see here is alpha-fly, the perfomance is better than ordinary solder paste, because its silver content is 3%.
Solder paste inspection system: this machine inspect the thickness and size of Solder paste. It is very important for the BGA components.  When we import the stencil file into it , the machine will calculate [ˈkælkjuleɪt] the solder joint area and volume [ˈvɑːljuːm] to judge whether the solder paste printing is good or not.

Fuji NXT-III, you can see this machine has 4 heads, there are 24 suction nozzles in each head.
Total is 96 suction nozzles. And this one, it is for the big and shaped components, like the connectors, IC, and so on. You can feel the high speed. Those two machine work together, In theory, they can achieve 190000(190 thousands) chip per hour. It is like the car of Ferrari.

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