Hardware Engineer

1. Familiar with the basic operations of circuit design software, such as PADS, DXP, etc.;

2. Understand the commonly used MCU programming methods and connection methods, such as STM, PIC and other foreign ICs;

3. Understand the basic production process of PCBA or electronic products;

4. Have an understanding of the production process of electronic products, and be able to assist in the production to solve abnormalities;

5. Understand the role of production SOP and make operation instructions;

6. Familiar with the selection and substitution of various electronic devices, such as diodes, triodes, ICs, LEDs, etc.

Embedded Software Engineer

1. College degree or above, computer, software engineering, electronic information engineering and other related majors;

2. Be proficient in using C++ development language, have good coding habits and document specifications;

3. Familiar with RTOS or Linux environment development, with upper-level application protocol and network programming development experience;

4. Familiar with computer principles and operating system related knowledge, have experience in program architecture design, and have an in-depth understanding of software modularity, portability and project refactoring;

5. The corresponding implementation plan can be specified according to the product requirements, and the risk can be evaluated;

6. Able to read and understand English materials fluently;

7. Responsible for the research and development of smart doorbells, smart cameras and other products.

Purchasing Manager

1. Responsible for the daily management of the supply chain, and propose a procurement plan according to the company's strategic direction and the specific needs of the organization;

2. Responsible for organizing the implementation and monitoring the specific process of procurement;

3. Responsible for the negotiation of a large number of purchased goods, the signing of the purchase contract and the audit of the factory;

4. Responsible for the development of suppliers and the management and evaluation of suppliers, and regularly conduct management assessments on suppliers;

5. Responsible for solving problems in time in the procurement process, completing procurement tasks and controlling and reducing costs;

6. Responsible for the work management, training, supervision and performance evaluation of the internal staff of the department;

7. Those with work experience in the same industry are preferred (PCBA patch foundries or other types of electronics factories).

Overseas client project management

1. Responsible for the implementation and follow-up of overseas customer projects;

2. Communicate project details with customers;

3. The annual sales of old customers exceed the set target, and the excess part enjoys high bonuses;

4. There is an intention to expand and independent the company's finished product business department, the company has a research and development team and 5 SMT lines to support;

5. Have a rigorous working attitude and good execution ability;

6. Like to communicate, have a cheerful personality, a good sense of service, and be diligent and practical;

7. Experience in electronic hardware engineer or purchasing experience is preferred.

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