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  About Us




SMT production line

One -Fuji NXT iii production machine with four module .which equivalent of 4-6 pieces of yamaha production  capacity .

Two Yamaha production line for samples and small orders  production .




Printing Accuracy: +- 0.025 MM

Cycle Time: < 10s

printing pcb board size:50*50 MM to 400*310 MM





Automatic 3D solder paste detector

Solder paste inspection system

Inspect the thickness and size of Solder paste



High Speed:
Achieve 168,000 Chip/Hour capacity

Equal 4 SMT line : 42000 Chip/Hour*4

Ultra high precision:More accurate high paste accuracy  ±0.015mm Cpk ≥1.00





Lead-free, 10 temperature range, stable temperature rise, reliable quality, temperature control accuracy within ± 1℃ .





High-speed moving photographic detection


Maximum PCB size can be tested:650*500mm .




Hand soldering production line

Programming and function test line .

Case assembly line .

Qc checking line .

Packing line .

TEL: +86-755-26664885
Fax: +86-755-27898086
Address: 4th Floor,Building 12,No.3 Nangang Industial park ,Tangtou, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong,China